Connect With Your Dream.
Watch as we align your firm with your ideal partner, creating a canvas of mutual beneficial relationships that drive business growth
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Our 3 step method

1. Establishment

Using your criteria, we will establish your ideal customer profile. Then, we will set up the outreach machine that automatically targets these ideal partners.

2. Production

We produce scripts that specifically target our industry! We also create campaigns. In these campaigns, we include the list of ideal partners and the scripts we have written. Once the campaigns are launched, the scripts will be sent out automatically!

3. Optimzation

Then we optimize. We explore our toolkit and experiment to see which tools are the best fit for your business. Through the outreach tool we use, Instantly, we can also run ABCD tests and receive direct feedback from the market on what works and what doesn't!

What we believe in
We Do Not Believe In Coincidences.
Every Action Has A Result, Every Result Has A Feedback. USE IT!

Eskild Braathen Fredriksen

"We promise to do what is proven to work. We create your ideal customer profile and gather a list of similar potential clients. Then create an automatic system that targets only these highly qualified prospects. Using one of our tools (Instantly), we get feedback directly from the market. This feedback helps us optimize the process and find the winning formula in your industry."

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